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An award ceremony is an important event. When choosing trophies that will be awarded to winners, you need to be very careful. What you give out says out a lot about you and what you represent. If the award trophies are for best performing employees in your company, you have to let the trophies say something great about your company. This is why a custom trophy is a great option.

Trophy manufacturers can be found far and wide, so it’s not too hard to be spoilt for choice. However, not all manufacturers can offer you impeccable quality.

At ‘The Craft Connection’ as Trophy Manufacturers we specialise in the creation of beautiful awards and trophies. We custom make trophies so you can order with confidence knowing your awards will be of the highest quality made by our trophy designers.

Why Custom Trophy Manufacturers?

Awards and trophies can be utilised to recognise employee performance, show thanks to business colleagues, and even satisfy your corporate partners. There’s an important difference between a printed award from the computer and an actual custom trophy that is comprised of unique designs and are personalised.
When students, athletes, employees and business colleagues are presented with a custom trophy, those awards are proudly featured on shelves or desks that make them hard to forget. When buying trophy, you can expect the recipients to remember your business & events for many years to come.
When it comes to ordering custom awards and trophies, The Craft Connection, is a specialised company that has a multitude of options to choose from and a wide range of award and trophy designs are available for your specific event’s needs.

Materials | Trophy Manufacturers

The Craft Connection only uses authentic materials to manufacture trophies.

Our materials for our custom trophy design, include:

Stainless Steel
Copper Plated
Brass Plated
Nickel Plated
Occasions & Events Trophies
The Craft Connections in-house designers enable us to deliver original, versatile and flexible Trophy Manufacturers solutions.

All our trophies are hand-crafted and totally original.
As Trophy Manufacturers, we can design trophies to celebrate and reward all occasions, achievements and events, including:

Corporate trophies Awards for achievement, long service, etc
School trophies, Awards for achievement in academic performance, sport, culture, social performance, etc
Sports trophies, Awards for achievements in golf, cricket, Rugby etc.

Club trophies, Awards for social clubs, go-kart, motorcycle, pigeon racing, car and boat clubs, etc.

The Craft Connection are Trophy Manufacturers of quality customised hand-crafted trophy solutions.