Fireplace Screens

Round off your fireplace with our special made fire screens to fit any fireplace

Our fireplace screen are well-crafted from 10mm/12mm and 16mm square bar mildsteel, and heavy duty fire screen mesh for years of use, made in a wide variety of styles and sizes

Styles include:




Simple Plain



And Wing, to name a few


The use of a shield reduces much of the risk associated with wood burning fireplaces such as B. Sparks and embers that can escape and start a fire.
Also, it is not uncommon for logs to shift position as they burn, and the screen prevents them from shifting and rolling on the floor.

Reduces Smoke Output

One of the disadvantages of using a chimney is when a sudden draft enters the chimney and blows the smoke back into the house. If the draft is strong enough, sparks and embers can also fly to the ground. Installing a grate will help reduce the amount of smoke returning to the room in down winds and prevent embers from falling to the floor.

Heat Improvement

As nice as it is to make a fire, fireplaces are not very efficient sources of heat as much of the heat escapes up the chimney. Some experts estimate that only 10% of the energy produced when burning wood is converted into usable heat, which is why many homeowners use their fireplace in conjunction with a stove or space heater to keep warm. Depending on the type of screen you install, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your fireplace and reduce energy consumption by not having to rely as heavily on the stove.

Improves Your Fireplace’s Visual Appeal

If you're tired of your fireplace looking boring but don't want to do a complete renovation, installing a fireplace screen is an inexpensive alternative to make your fireplace look more attractive. There are many styles and designs to choose from that will enhance your interior and breathe new life into your old fireplace.

All fire screens can be custom made to fit to your requirements.


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